Polo G posts $ 2.2 million on Instagram, commands respect from G-Herbo

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It’s a bit daring to walk around with $ 2.2 million in a bag. Polo G allowed himself this and better, he displayed himself with this sum in cash on social networks.

All is well in the best of worlds for Polo G. The young rapper who struggled to pay all his bills early in his career with the 5 OO0 dollars he received as honorary, seems to have found the right balance since it went up a notch in price. Last October, he reassured the quality / price ratio about his services for which he announced the price change: “  The price of my features varies. If I have someone I have dealt with, who I am locked in, I am willing to work with them on the price. But I just made a feature film, not so long ago, for $ 150,000. I’m going to keep raising the price for sure, because I take everything I do seriously, so I know you’re going to get a good verse out of me.  “

Top financial health

Yesterday Wednesday, December 8, 2021, the rapper made the buzz on Instagram by appearing with $ 2.2 million in cash in the middle of a mansion. In the video, we see him emptying a bag full of bundles that drop to the ground in abundance. “Lol, I came out with $ 2.2 million  ,” he began in the caption. ” Young nigga only 22, I come from just inspired fr nun.” YK Imma pop my shit whenever I get the chance. I’m still humble lol the richest youngest nigga in my town and that’s A FACT… but yes lmk in the comments if you want the video ???????? I will fall tonight.  “

Polo G in teacher mode

To prove that it was not counterfeit banknotes that he was using to gain attention and command respect, the rapper offered a trick to detect counterfeit banknotes. You had to wait until the end of the Instagram clip to learn this trick. ”  So what I was thinking is you’re still scratching that jacket right there,  ” he said, rubbing the note. “  You see on the fake money, that jacket doesn’t make a sound. I learned that by selling drugs. “

Polo G validated by his colleagues

After viewing the video, several fellow Polo G rappers responded by commenting for the sole purpose of encouraging the rapper to let go. Among them were 25-year-old rapper G Herbo who told compatriot from Chicago, ”  You’re cold,  ” and Sacramento rapper Mozzy who gifted Polo G with trophies while commenting, ”  You’re setting the trigger.  “. 

Another download craze?

Last June, the rapper released his Hall of F ame album which debuted at the top of the Billboard 200. That same month, he bought himself a luxury mansion of nearly $ 5 million in the San Fernando Valley after to have offered to his mother and manager, his “dream home” in Atlanta.

This new video which locates him in a mansion suggests that he is preparing to add a new property to his personal assets. We can be sure of this just by noticing that when Polo G speaks in the video, the mansion echoes his voice. Proof that it is an uninhabited mansion. 

All in all, the rapper can afford this since he certainly raised a lot of money from his last tour dubbed Hall of Fame. This tour had started on October 8, 2021 and took into account large cities such as Dans Francisco, Los Angeles or Atlanta.

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