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Chicago rapper Polo G has had an exceptional year with his hit album Hall of Fame. So it’s no wonder he gave his all for his family during the holidays.

In the spirit of Christmas, Polo G shared some of his year-end spending with his fans on social media on Sunday, December 26, highlighting the exorbitant sum he paid for seats at the edge of the pitch. during the Lakers game against the Nets: “Paid 75k Fa Dem Lakers vs Nets floor Tickets on gang shit was worth it fasurrrreee,” he wrote in a tweet which he took a screenshot of and shared in a Instagram carousel.

This year the rapper spent a lot of money to make his family happy

Polo G’s close family have been showered with gifts ranging from high-end jewelry to designer clothing.

The rapper gave his son Tremani a French bulldog and his sister Lailani a personalized diamond chain for Christmas.

The most exciting gift, however, was given to his younger brother, Trench Newborn, who the rapper gifted a 2022 Range Rover with a base price of over $ 93,000.

In a video circulating, Polo G is seen driving his brother outside their house, where a dark blue SUV is parked outside the house with a bright red bow wrapped around. Trench Baby is understandably elated and ecstatic following the gift of Polo G, which starts at $ 100,000.

“  Range Rover 2022 is a new model. Rn, words cannot express how I feel. Anyway, my big brudda always makes sure to be there for the kid. Broski 5eva 5eva 5eva 5eva 5eva 5eva 5eva 5eva 5 Thank you very much. You bought me my first car and gave me memories that I will never forget. “

Not to mention that earlier this month, Polo G gave G Herbo a multi-million dollar gift to mark his 22nd birthday, which earned him praise from his colleague in Chicago:  “Lol, I came out with $ 2.2 million, ”he began in the legend. “Young Nigga only 22 I come from nun fr dis just inspiration. YK Imma pop my shit every chance I have. I’m still humble tho lol youngest richest nigga in my town and that’s a fact… .but yea lmk in the comments if you want the video ???????? I send it this evening. “

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