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A few weeks after announcing that his girlfriend was expecting their first child, Post Malone announced the birth of his daughter on Monday.

During the month of May, as part of the promotion of his new album, Post Malone revealed that he was about to become a father for the first time. A great news that was followed by the release of his 4th studio album , Twelve Carat Toothache,  which unfortunately had a rather mixed start commercially . With 121,000 copies sold by the end of week 1, Austin Post experienced a nearly 75% drop in sales compared to its previous project, Hollywood’s Bleeding . Figures that have probably not really affected the Texan artist, who is currently living on cloud nine since he has confirmed the birth of his child.

Post Malone father of a little girl… and soon to be married!

Invited this Monday, June 13, from a SiriusXM radio program , Post Malone thus released the information when the host, Howard Stern, asked him about the time he got up. A harmless question to which he answered simply: “I woke up at 2:30 p.m. this afternoon and I gave my little one a kiss” . Surprised, the journalist asked him for confirmation to find out if he was talking about a child, to which Post Malone replied in the affirmative: “It’s my daughter”. Great news that did not come alone since he also announced that he had become engaged to his partner and mother of his child, whose anonymity he still kept as he has done since the beginning of their relationship. Suffice to say that everything is going well on a personal level for the author of White Iverson .

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