Post Malone falls in the middle of a concert and breaks 3 ribs

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Post Malone will therefore have been the victim of a nasty fall during a concert given in the city of St. Louis a few hours ago. The scene, filmed, will have given some cold sweats to fans of the interpreter of White Iverson .

Human error pointed out

There is no doubt that Post Malone will remember this performance given in the city of St. Louis for a long time. And not necessarily for good reasons. In front of his audience, the artist will have fallen on stage, into a “hole” originally used to store his guitar, and which should logically have been covered. Malone’s fall was filmed, and it appears that he broke three ribs in his fall , which left him pinned to the ground for long minutes. Evacuated from the scene and supported by a medical team, the interpreter of Better Now will promise his audience a return shortly. Indeed, 10 minutes later, he will return to the stage, even if he has to shorten the duration of his concert.

Post Malone is obviously not the first artist to suffer such a disappointment, the consequences of which would have been much more serious. Already, in 2017, Travis Scott, then accompanied by Drake on the stage of the O2 Arena in London, had fallen in the manner of Malone, in a “hollow” of the stage, sheltering a large luminous globe. Scott hadn’t needed to be evacuated.


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