Post Malone: ​​his fiancée saved his life

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The artist’s partner helped him get out of his self-destructive behavior, and that was no small feat.

“Trapped in a destructive cycle”

Post Malone has by his own admission radically changed his lifestyle. At least when it comes to his alcohol addiction issues . Father of a new album called Twelve Carat Toothache but also of a baby, Posty is now a new man. Difficult to get rid of your demons alone ; the singer’s fiancée will have helped him a lot in his fight, as he told on the occasion of the promotion of his opus at the Howard Stern Show. He explained that his alcohol consumption was so important at one time that it almost cost him his life. He has indeed confessed that he thought, at the time, not to survive it :

“ It got to a point where I couldn’t get off the floor for weeks (…) I was trying to hang on and talking to people who weren’t even there . »

Trapped in his own destructive cycle, he had to find a way out of this downward spiral. He thus learned to “ talk less and listen more ”, and his fiancée became a real guide for him : “She is a beautiful person who made me feel like a human being again (…) she showed the way from darkness to light (…) She saved my f****** life, it’s pretty epic ”

Now responsible, he also said that he had received help from people in the community, who know the dangers of this kind of excess, like Justin Bieber , close to the interpreter of White Iverson since his debut. A life lesson that will probably find an echo.

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