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R. Kelly has just been sentenced to a total of 30 years in prison , and the R’n’B singer is already hitting back with a lawsuit of his own, as TMZ reports. However, he is taking action against his prison, the MDC Brooklyn. That had put him in a suicide prevention cell. Wrongly so, according to Kelly.

Suicide Watch : R. Kelly sues prison

R. Kelly was transferred to a suicide prevention cell in his New York prison. Inmates come there who the prison expects to be at risk of suicide. In these cells, the prisoners are under constant surveillance.

R. Kelly now suspects he was moved there to be punished. He has no suicidal thoughts and he wants to have clearly communicated that to the MD Brookyln. Still, Kelly was transferred to Suicide Watch , which he denounced as “cruel and unusual punishment.” As he sees his constitutional rights violated by this move, he is now suing the prison for damages for his mental suffering.

He is currently living in solitary confinement with a bed with no edges, no shower, no ability to shave, no toilet paper, no cutlery and no ability to see loved ones. In his lawsuit, R. Kelly also alleges how ironic it is that there is no psychiatric help in a suicide prevention effort.

R. Kelly sentenced to 30 years in prison

Already in September last year, R. Kelly was found guilty of kidnapping and the sexual exploitation of minors, among other things . Due to several postponements, the verdict was only pronounced a few days ago.

The singer was sentenced to a total of 30 years in prison. Five years more than the public prosecutor had demanded. If released in good faith, R. Kelly would be out of prison at the age of 85.

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