R. Kelly: Porsha Williams claims she heard woman beaten in her house

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Porsha Williams, the star of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” is currently preparing her memoir which will appear in a few days. Hang on tight, because a surprising revelation is made there regarding singer R. Kelly . Whoever is already overwhelmed by the many accusations of sexual assault and a conviction sees a new grievance added to the long list. Porsha Williams writes that she heard a woman being beaten up in the singer’s house.

Porsha and R. Kelly, a meeting that dates back to 2007

The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star wrote in her forthcoming memoir that she met R. Kelly while working on her music career in 2007. It was during an astonishing interview with PEOPLE that the woman opened up about the uncomfortable times she had with R. Kelly . Although these situations took place over ten years ago, these memories remain intact in the star’s memory.

Porsha claims she met a friend of Kelly’s and was later flown to Chicago to meet the singer in person . She thought he would be taken to his recording studio since that was the goal, but instead she was taken to his house. She was then taken to her room. Porsha also said she waited for Kelly for hours in said room.

The dissuasive event that forced the young woman to move away

In her statements, the 40-year-old businesswoman told reporters that she had gone to Kelly’s apartment two other times and had stayed there. However, she had woken up one day to hearing screams from a beaten woman in an adjoining room . After this episode, the actress never returned to the singer’s home.

She confides in these terms: “  This is not something you want to tell your mother, because my mother is a very strong woman and she did her best to raise me  ”. She goes on to state that: “  And I think for any woman or man who has been in an abusive situation, you don’t want to tell your parents because you don’t want them to think they have you. dropped in any way. I don’t want her to think she did something wrong. And so I took it upon myself ”.

Finally, she adds, “  But I was happy when I did it, she was happy that I told her about it and we talked about it,” Porsha added. “She told me about some of her experiences. And we just talked about how it should be told so that other women don’t have to go through it  ”.

Porsha chooses to talk about it in her memoir to help other women

After seeing the many accusations of dozens of alleged victims of R. Kelly and after the controversial documentary series “Surviving” about the same man, Porsha decides to break the silence. Indeed, the actress realized that it was necessary to help all the people injured by the singer .

She says, “  I realized this was an opportunity to help all those who were hurt by him. There had been so many other cases where I had been abused by men that my mentality [at the time] was that of an abused person, and it was normal for me to be treated like that  ”. It is likely that it is his experience and the fact that the number of victims of this kind of aggression is increasing that motivated Porsha to open up on this part of his history.

“  The Pursuit of Porsha: How I Grew Into My Power and Purpose , here is the title of the work of the actress to appear. There you will read the full story and in great detail. Could this new information be used to incriminate Kelly once again  ? This question remains unanswered for the moment. However, it is highly likely that this new information will prevent Kelly from obtaining a review of her long- claimed conviction . However, you can already order the memories of the 40-year-old woman in order to better inform yourself. Do not forget to leave us your impressions.

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