R. Kelly’s sales go through the roof after being found guilty

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Letzten Monat wurde R. Kelly von einer Jury in seinem aktuellen Gerichtsprozess in allen Fällen schuldig gesprochen. Vorgeworfen wurde ihm unter anderem die sexuelle Ausbeutung von Kindern und Kidnapping. Infolge des Schuldspruchs stiegen die Verkaufs- und Streamingzahlen des Sängers um teilweise mehr als 500 Prozent an.


R. Kelly with sales records after conviction


As reported by Rolling Stone Magazine, R. Kelly music sales increased 517 percent after September 27th.
In streaming, too, the number of his plays rose by 22 percent from 11.2 million to 13.4 million. YouTube had previously deleted the official R. Kelly channel from the platform and made its music videos
inaccessible. However, the songs can still be heard on the in-house streaming provider YouTube Music.
With almost every provider, R. Kelly’s music is online, but banned from curated playlists. With Chance The Rapper and, more recently, Jennifer Hudson, some stars have already started taking songs
together with R. Kelly from the network. An official verdict in the process is expected on May 4th next year.



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