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A track by the hitherto largely unknown rapper Stitch stands out this week with a particularly wild list of features. According to the information on popular streaming portals, his song “180 km/h” should contain guest contributions from Juju , Nura and Kasimir1441 . An SXTN reunion plus a performance by Kasimir1441? Wow! But this unusual collection of German rap stars cannot be heard at all on Stitch’s song. Rather, he seems to be using a pretty bold promotional technique here.

Faking with features – until someone notices

A feature has always been a stable marketing tool. Smaller artists, for example, can be offered a larger stage through better-known names. Various fan camps checking out a collab offer plenty of win-win potential. But a merging of SXTN on one track would probably be something of a medium-heavy sensation in 2022. After all, since the separation a few years ago, there has been no indication of a reunion. Just seeing Juju and Nura listed together should get your heart pumping here and there. Stitch (or whoever puts his music together) must have realized that when the fake features were chosen.

False information in the meta data of his single pretends to have prominent connections that obviously do not exist. Stitch still achieves visibility in this way. There’s a good chance it popped up on Spotify’s release radar recently. In any case, the new single from stitch – for which there is no further information – is already on almost 50,000 streams. His song is also in various playlists.

His streaming game seems to be working beyond the current release. He now reaches almost 80,000 monthly listeners on Spotify – with just four songs released. In retrospect, it is not possible to say with complete certainty whether fake features were also used on the other tracks. Other well-known artists are currently not noted there on songs like “Nächtlang” or “112”.

Such obviously incorrect feature information could be noticed by the company that takes care of bringing these tracks to streaming. The portals themselves should at least find it strange if extremely strange collabs are to be made available.

But depending on how exactly the whole thing is checked, it is possible that the manipulation will not attract attention at first. The control mechanisms used can fail. Feature trickery for the promo effect has been around for a while. Six months ago, for example, reddit (US) discussed the “rise of ‘Fake Collabs’ on Spotify”.

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