Rapper Young Dolph dies: another man shot dead in Bradley Street shooting after drama

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Days after rapper Young  Dolph died  in a shooting in his hometown of Memphis, one person was shot and killed. The victim was gunned down near the house where the Mercedes-Benz linked to the Young Dolph murder suspects was found.

Memphis police investigate the death of a shot dead man

The reprisals for the death of the Memphis rapper have already started. Indeed, upon news of Young Dolph’s tragic death , some people predicted there would be retaliatory violence in the city of Memphis in the weeks to come. Sadly, those threats are said to have been carried out, as it is reported that one person was shot dead near the house where the Mercedes-Benz, which was linked to the suspects in Dolph’s murder,  was found.

According to information relayed by  WREG News Channel  3, police are investigating the shooting death of a man on Bradley Street . According to this virtual channel, witnesses heard about six gunshots and a man was pronounced dead at the scene. Police have yet to reveal the identity of the beaten man. Better yet, she’s working to link this shooting to Dolph’s murder  .

Separately, it’s worth pointing out that the Mercedes-Benz found that matches the police description has yet to be confirmed as the exact car authorities are looking for. So police investigations continue, as millions around the world continue to pay tribute to Dolph, the Memphis native who cares so much about his community.

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