Rapper Young Dolph dies: Memphis police have identified vehicle of alleged shooters

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Memphis legend Young Dolph was gunned down on Wednesday, November 17, 2021 in his own town while shopping for cookies. The sad news of his death continues to make many fans cry. After the tragedy, a rigorous and highly publicized investigation is carried out by the city police.

Police authorities continue to follow reliable leads

Ongoing investigations have revealed that there were two shooters. Better still, the car used by the alleged shooters has been identified. Additionally, new surveillance footage indicates the perpetrators were in a two-door white Mercedes and the car is likely to be an E-Class. Police have yet to locate a license plate in surveillance footage. . However, she urges people to be very careful with this type of vehicle.

Many details will be revealed about the police investigation into the tragic murder of Young Dolph . Obviously, this type of investigation can take a long time, especially in a situation where suspects may have fled the scene.

While waiting for all the details of the investigation, Memphis fans continue to visit the scene of the shooting, where they offer flowers and trinkets in his honor. A gesture that undoubtedly testifies to the lasting legacy that Young Dolph left to the music industry.

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