Rats and nude pictures: 6ix9ine’s Spotify profile was hacked

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he can deal, he has to be able to take it too “: Hardly anyone embodies this proverb as well as 6ix9ine.
The controversial rapper moves from controversy to controversy. The innumerable lawsuits that he has therefore
already had to deal with are symbolic of the dubious one Way of the 25-year-old musician. Even the latest
incident in Chapter 6ix9ine makes him look anything but good. Apparently, his Spotify profile has been hacked
in the last few days, and neither his profile picture nor his bio were spared disrespect.


These changes were made to 6ix9ine’s Spotify profile


The hacker attack was first noticed through the change from 6ix9ines artist profile picture. This was simply
changed into a selfie by Trippie Redd. No, the punch line is not (only) that the two with colorful hair and
face tattoos have a certain external resemblance. The admittedly somewhat critical punch line is that the
two rappers were former label mates and even released a song together. In the meantime, however, the two have
fallen out because 6ix9ine (now streaming on Apple Music), along with other gang members, was responsible for
an attack on Trippie Redd. For some time, artists on Spotify have had the opportunity to highlight a musical recommendation using the
“Artist’s Pick” on their profile. This was changed to match the profile picture in the latest Trippie Redd
album “Trip At Knight”. His artist bio was also defaced in the course of this. For a short time it was read
there that Trippie Redd and Lil Durk were the childhood idols of 6ix9ine. He would also have a secret
relationship with music manager Wack 100. Even 6ix9ine’s mother is attacked here: “I grew up always wanting to be like Trippie redd and lil durk I’d let them hit my girl and my mom.
My mom p * ssy stank I came from the sewer. Wack 100 my boyfriend and he secretly crip” The 6ix9ine snitch call was also padded with a picture of a human-rat transformation.
Meanwhile, the declarations of love to Trippie Redd can no longer be seen on his profile. Has everything
turned back to the old way after that? To put it mildly, not really. It didn’t get any better after that.
On his Spotify profile you could later examine various pictures of male genitals. In addition, homophobic
and racist statements were scattered across his profile. However, at the time of this writing, 6ix9ine’s profile is back to normal.
It is still unclear who could be behind the hacker attack.



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