Recording Academy CEO speaks out on The Weeknd’s 2022 Grammys snob

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The Weeknd accused the Recording Academy of corruption and urges it to be more transparent in its process. In an interview on Billboard, Mason Jr. gives his opinion on the matter.  

The Weeknd says the Recording Academy remains “corrupt”

As we approach the 64 th ceremony of the Grammy Awards , the buzz around the awards ceremony on behalf of the 2022 increases. The recent news that Drake has withdrawn his candidacy for Certified Lover Boy has only heightened the rumors.

In November 2020, The Weeknd was scandalously snubbed by the Recording Academy . Indeed, her After Hours was critically acclaimed and none of her 14 songs were nominated in any category. The ” Escape From LA  ” singer  called the Grammys corrupt and demanded transparency. “  The Grammys remain corrupt,  ” The Weeknd wrote on Twitter. ”  You owe me, my fans and the transparency of the industry  .”

Harvey Mason Jr. responded to The Weeknd in a statement posted to Billboard. The Recording Academy CEO said he was personally surprised The Weeknd was not named despite being saddened by his accusations.

Mason Jr. spoke to Billboard about the snob

In his Billboard interview , Mason Jr. said the outrage that followed was understandable:

“  It’s not distracting, it’s understandable. People who make music are passionate people by nature. These [projects] are their babies. When they’re upset, it doesn’t affect or offend us  , ”he told Billboard. “  Perception of the academy and our process is important because it allows us to do the work we want to do.  ” 

Mason Jr. added that he would appreciate disappointed artists contacting him directly. However, all comments from the Grammys are important and are considered by Recording Acedemy .

 “  Having the opinion of the community is important. Sometimes it can be nice not to always hear it in the press; maybe it would be nice to get a phone call or a text,  ”he said. 

“  But, however we get it, it’s important that we assess it and find concrete steps to improve. At the end of the day when our members and our community say, we would like to look at something differently and we think there is a new way to do it, it is better, we listen and we move. 

While Mason says all these good things in his interview, it remains to be seen if the Grammys will ever be able to restore their coats of arms.

As a reminder, since Macklemore’s The Heist was voted best rapper to the detriment of Kendrick Lamar in 2014, confidence in the Recording Academy has weakened. The disqualification of The Weeknd only heightened doubts and confidence plummeted.

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