Remy Ma says on Checc’n In that his pen scares the other artists of the game

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In a recent interview on Big U’s Checc’n In show, Remy Ma said her fellow artists avoid collaborating with her. For this reason, she would be above all of these. His comments were picked up on social media, which Remy doesn’t seem to like.

“No girl wants to be on a song with me. They know what’s going to happen and it’s the same with men. »Remy Ma

During her stint on Big U’s Checc’n In podcast, Remy Ma talked a lot about herself without hesitating to throw flowers at each other. She said among other things that no artist in the rap game wanted to feature with her. According to the singer, this would be justified by the quality of her pen and her skills which seem to frighten more than one.

” They know. No one is playing with me. Even the guys. People call me and say: ‘You have to do some featuring’. (…) A guy doesn’t want to call me to do a song because he knows what’s going to happen! Said Remy Ma. 

Later, The Neighborhood Talk shared an excerpt from this interview. Against all odds, she tagged The Neighborhood Talk’s Kyle Afernee followed by this message: “You better stop posting to me before I spin the block.” “. The fans wonder about this reaction of Remy Ma. An old quarrel?

In the meantime, the year 2022 promises to be in color for the rapper. She recently informed that she is organizing an event for women. In an interview with Threeletterman of “PsaHipHOP”, she spoke publicly about this project which is due to be held on February 12 and for which she wants the participation of US President Joe Biden. 

“I’m up to something really important for women,” she said. 

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