Rich The Kid Sentenced To Pay Over $ 130,000 To Fashion Nova

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Another bill to be paid by Rich The Kid by court order. The rapper is ordered to pay nearly $ 130,000 to Fashion Nova in the dispute between him and the fashion brand.

The legal standoff between Rich The Kid and Fashion Nova has come to an end. The fashion company that employs celebrities for its commercials has managed to get a default judgment that puts rapper Rich down. The latter must consider himself happy since he risked a heavier bill because of the accusation of unilateral breach of the contract. 

Just $ 130,000 to pay

Thanks to The Blast who obtained legal documents regarding this case, the rapper is ordered to pay $ 132,637.75 after a “default judgment” was rendered against him in Los Angeles County courts. The court has been lenient in following standard protocol when an accused fails to appear in such a charge and court proceeding. So in Fashion Nova’s case against Rich The Kid, the amount is broken down into $ 100,000 in damages, $ 29,526 in interest and $ 3,111 in costs associated with the case.

Recall of facts

Fashion Nova launched a lawsuit against Rich The Kid in 2020 for breach of contract and false promises. The company accuses the rapper because he promised to promote Fashion Nova in one of his songs, taking a bag from them but never following through on his promise. For this situation that took place in October 2018, the clothing brand claims to have given Rich an advance of $ 100,000 to shout the mark in a song. The song that was slated for release in December of that year was never released and the company claims the situation resulted in a loss of $ 2.1 million for it.

A habit for Rich The Kid

The rapper obviously does not have the notion of respect. He was cited on average every two months in court in 2020 for breach of contract in various cases. The most illustrative case was with his former managers who sued him for breach of contract. In this case, the rapper was also sentenced in 2020 thanks to a default judgment of $ 1.1 million to pay.

Fashion Nova and other news

Fashion Nova has collaborated with several artists and her collaboration with Megan Thee Stallion is by far the most publicized. While it is true that this partnership generated over a million dollars in 24 hours, it is also true that the clothing line led by the rapper in 2020 has been accused of a creation stolen by Aazhia. The latter had claimed that Megan had stolen her design and passed it off as the online store. Megan denied the facts but Aazhia insisted.

Rich who struggles to take despite the weight of Lil Wayne

Rich The Kid had its worst of numbers with 14,810 total album equivalent units that his collaborative album with Lil Wayne moved to its release last October. Even though the duo tried to do better with the Trust Fund music video, two weeks ago it will take a lot longer for the project to really take off. Lil Wayne who thinks he has given everything is still confident when he says: “  Me and Rich had rocked for years and we always said we were going to do something. We could do a song here and there, but we locked it down, walked in there and said we put our mindset and we did. As much as I gave on it, I do it every time I do something. “

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