Rick Ross Says Meek Mill Conflict Is With Atlantic Records, Not Him

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Rick Ross is one of those many-time Grammy nominated rappers and label bosses from Mississippi whose tracks have toured the world and broken many records. He is a prolific artist, both solo and as a guest, and his Maybach Music Group has released albums by artists such as Wale, Meek Mill, French Montana and Teedra Moses. However, like most American rappers, he has a background in the law as well as many of his singer counterparts. Lately, her relationship with Meek Mill has been making a lot of headlines which stated that the two singers were having a feud.

There is no fire between the two American rappers

In a recent interview on The Morning Hustle , the 45-year-old multi-hyphenate was once again asked about Meek’s online reviews of his label. Indeed, after the release of his album Expensive Pain , Meek took to Twitter to accuse his record company of not paying him for his work. However, it was not possible to know if he was referring to Atlantic Records or Maybach Music Group, Ross’s label .

“  I’m going to be honest, when Meek lashes out at someone, I can only assume he lashes out at Atlantic Records, ” Ross told co-host Lore’l. “  All we did was get some paper and it’s really easy to say a n *** a’s name […] I know what it’s like when me and Meek have always had money. He’s a boss now. ” 

He goes on to say: “  We have been ashore for 10 years. Is he signed to Maybach Music? Yes it is. But he’s also a boss, and real bosses give other bosses the opportunity to become bigger bosses. Go ahead, man. Go buy the biggest shit in Dubai, man. Let’s be billionaires. And if I only have 7 billion and you have 20 billion, God is great! That’s all it is. Is it pressure? There is no pressure. And never forget, it’s very easy to get across when it’s pressure. ” 

As a reminder, during an interview with Complex last month, Ross declined to directly address Meek’s since-deleted rant on Twitter, simply saying, “  I’m not responding, that’s the way it is. That’s all we’ve ever done is win and I never responded to anything, because I’m the boss, and the boss doesn’t have to respond. You keep winning.  However, he was much more outspoken in his interview with Elliott Wilson last week, saying he was convinced that Meek’s conflict was strictly with Atlantic contrary to what some fans believe.

“  Years ago I gave him the space to grow up. You’ve all been down with the team long enough, we all know how to go ahead and get the money, now let’s do it. And again, you’re an individual with a lot of position, take that, man… I didn’t take it personally at all. I personally felt it was the homie who was shaking the tree to try to renegotiate with Atlantic. Because I sign Meek, I brought Meek to town before the homie, he was a youngster… and when it came to getting money, I always made sure he was in the best position. Ross explained.

Rick Ross only wants the best for Meek Mill

The Florida-based rapper said a few days ago that he wants to see Meek Mill succeed in all aspects of life and that he will always support the Philadelphia-born star, despite any differences they may have.

“  I feel like we’re both scammers, ” Rick Ross said of Meek. “  Meek Mill recently posted the cover art for my [album]. It’s one thing in life, either you grow up together or you walk away. And as the boss, you make that decision, because whatever you want to do, Ricky Rozay wants to see you do it. So when I brought Meek Mill and Wale into the [MMG] team, there are a lot of people who didn’t last or were still with me, like Meek, so I wanna see the homie shine, what that it happens. ” 

Separately, Lamarre asked Rozay what he thought of a particular line from his new single ”  Little Havana “, which many thought was directed at Meek, to which the rapper replied: “[I wanted to] leave the homie live! I’ll make my way, you can do yours. But make sure you keep winning, my brother. That’s all Rozay wants to see. It’s like a brother or a sister, whatever it is, I want to see you win. Even if you get married and move to Colorado… I want to make sure you’re eating well on Thanksgiving. Post your photos on Facebook.  It seems that whatever may happen between Rozay and Meek, there is always a lot of love that guides their relationship.

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