Rico Nasty confesses to lying and discusses his Rolling Loud New York performance

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Rico Nasty is talking about her negatively this time around. She confessed to lying about her upcoming album and shared her feelings on Rolling Loud from New York.

Rico Nasty draws lightning from the web by trying to make up for false information she had given. In an interview with HotNewHipHop , she gave some rather reassuring news on her upcoming album Nightmare Vacation. She had claimed to have already completed 6 tracks of this project.

Against all odds, she questions her statement in a behind-the-scenes interview with Rolling Loud New York last month. As if under the effect of a truth serum, Rico Nasty has let it be known that she had lied and that she does not intend to carry out a project with a lot of leads.

The sensations on the Rolling Loud stage in New York

Rico didn’t just clear his conscience about this professional misconduct she committed. She also addressed her stint on the Rolling Loud New York stage by highlighting her resentment after her confinement. “I’m not going to lie, every time I play ‘IPHONE’ my throat is tight. I do it. I do it. I don’t want to remind them, obviously, because they’re over there, and they’re surrounded by a bunch of people – I don’t want to remind them during a fucking show, and it’s COVID. I try not to focus on that, but every time I watch them all have a good time, remember what it was like to meet some of them on Zoom, or just having to do some shows on Zoom, the looks on their faces hopping, reunited with their friends, it’s priceless and it’s timeless,  ”said a truly emotional Rico.

His real kiff on the festival

After the moments of strong emotions, Rico had a thought for the artistic direction of the festival by designating a very particular technology as his kiff. “My favorite thing right now [about the festival] is pyrotechnics. What was that? When did they start doing this for me? They took hot girls summer to a new level, bro! This shit was scary, but it was on. This is my new favorite part of Rolling Loud. They put out the fire, ”Rico Nasty revealed.

Already on other fronts …

As Rico prepares to release a new single “Money” with Flo Milli on November 18, she is currently exposed to a wave of anger from fans who boo her and only claim  Playboi Carti . The latter is also an artist with whom Rico is currently on tour. Let’s hope that her next single will not bear the brunt of this hatred that she wanted to express on social networks by qualifying it as unjust.

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