Rico Nasty receives support from Megan Thee Stallion, Juice J, Kehlani and other colleagues

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Rico Nasty is not alone in her world. In exposing her sorrows, she received support from her colleagues who encouraged her to move forward.

Rico Nasty is not in great shape. She sinks into a state that could be described as depressive. In an artistic profession where it is almost impossible not to expose yourself, Rico Nastyundergoes the mood swings of the music-loving public. Indeed, she is booed by the audience of the King Vamp Tour of Playboi Carti. Wanting to afford a health walk through this tour to which Playboi carti invited her, she always receives bad reception from the public. Spectators often express their anger by even demanding that she stop her performance to make way for Playboi Carti. This behavior pushed the rapper to express herself on the web by qualifying this attitude of unjustified hatred. She kept her spirits high when she released a new single “Money” on November 18th with Flo Milli.

Like a sandcastle destroyed by the sea, Rico Nasty stripped off his costume as an artist in promotion to become a simple woman filled with emotion and resentment. She tweeted about her state of mind and tried to empty herself. “  I need at least two hours a day just to cry,  ” the 24-year-old rapper tweeted. “  It’s crazy how I’ve wanted a tour bus all my life and now I’m just on the tour bus crying every night . “

Support from all sides

The distress expressed by Rico Nasty is not without consequences, nor unknown for a good number of artists. To spare him the worst, some of his colleagues at the microphone gave him their support with words of encouragement and expressions of appreciation.

The first to shine is Megan Thee Stallion on Sunday morning. She tried to cheer the rapper up with a very friendly Tweet. ”  Hello to an amazing artist / woman with a beautiful strong ass @Rico_nastyy  “.

Juice J joins the dance and posts “  We love you @Rico_nastyy  ”. Kehlani also wanted to express his affection to Rico Nasty, and he did so both by picking up the detractors and by recalling the qualities that Nasty carry in her.

”  Rico is a pearl of artist and person, I hope you know how epic and special you are @Rico_nastyy !!!!!!!!  “, he said. 

Flo Milli also expressed himself by writing: “I love you forever, my friend  “. Tierra Whack also posted a post similar to Flo Milli’s.

The bone of contention

Rico Nasty is targeted for lying about the progress of his album. In an interview with HotNewHipHop, she claimed to have already completed 6 tracks from her album. Backstage at Rolling Loud New York last month, Rico Nasty let it be known that she lied and doesn’t plan on doing a project with a lot of leads. Trying to catch up on her lie, she caught the thunder of the audience who felt cheated. 

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