Rihanna: her wax figure remade for Christmas doesn’t look like her at all according to her fans

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Madame Tussauds Museums have been known to immortalize influential activists, artists, musicians and pop culture figures in wax for decades. A few days before the Christmas holidays, the Berlin museum has retouched the wax statue of the bearded heroine Rihanna. However, it is without imagining that the new look might displease Rihanna fans.

Rihanna victim of wax massacre, according to her fans

It’s hard to imagine exactly how much time is spent creating a wax figure that is supposed to be a unique depiction of a very famous star. However, there is a lot of pressure to get all the details right and generally wax museums like Madame Tussauds manage to bring our favorite movie characters, singers and other stars to life with their unique sculptures. Unfortunately for this time around, the billionaire star’s wax figure at Madame Tussauds in Berlin bears no resemblance to singer Rihanna, according to fans.

For the record, the wax statue of Rihanna at Madame Tussauds in Berlin, Germany was first unveiled in August 2011 and featured her short red haircut and outfit. The figure has since been updated periodically with further adjustments over time, the latest being in May of this year.

In order to prepare for the winter holidays, several of the wax figures at Madame Tussauds in Berlin underwent festive makeovers. The updated version of the statue of wax of Rihanna in the museum presents a new hairstyle for the singer and business tycoon and a combination of holiday-themed who looks very inspired from Santa. Besides the wax figure having a similar hairstyle and matching tattoos with the artist, not everything else is what Rihanna looks like, especially her face.

Indeed, on the new look , Rihanna now wears a red Santa inspired bodysuit, pearl necklace accessories and more as she stands in front of a Christmas backdrop. On the other hand, the downside is that the singer’s fans are unanimously disconcerted about the resemblance of this wax with their singer.

Fans around the world are complaining that Rihanna’s wax figure doesn’t really look like the pop star, which is odd, because in 2015 the same museum managed to give her a look for the Christmas holidays in giving it a similar makeover. ”  It’s not Rihanna, ” commented a fan of the singer in a tweet. This emotion was felt strongly by many others who responded to Rih’s vacation change.

Madame Tussauds Museum renowned for its hilarious adaptations!

It must be said that this is not for the first time that Madame Tussauds museums have unveiled hilarious adaptations of the celebrities and influencers they honor. The Berlin museum also wanted to recreate the rapper Nicki Minaj, and frankly… The features of her face are not really successful according to the fans.

At this pace, fans will prefer the stars to be celebrated for their talent, commitment and influence rather than recreating them in a museum.

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