Rihanna is Ed Sheeran’s inspiration

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Rihanna is Ed Sheeran’s inspiration

She could almost blush and release a mischievous smile. On The BreakFast Club, Ed sheeran admitted that he thinks of Rihanna before writing his songs.

His innocent side and his loving child’s heart are all virtues added to the artistic talents that make Ed Sheeran a world-renowned artist. It is appreciated by all and is also experiencing its heyday.

After his risky date with Covid-19, he resumed service. He was released from confinement and was able to perform in great shape on Saturday Night Live on November 6, 2021. He recently appeared and cooked up a breakfast on The Breakfast Club.

During his time on the show, the pop music artist answered a question about how he manages to release so many hit hits. He revealed that he took inspiration from Rihanna when writing his songs. “So Rihanna is still the benchmark. Rihanna is still – when I walk in, that’s how ‘Shape of You’ was created, ‘Love Yourself’ with Justin Bieber was created. Sheeran began by saying.

The author of Shape of You did not fail to underline the diversity of the music of the one who inspires him. He made the case in these terms: “Rihanna is so, she has so much taste for songs that a certain… you can’t tell what Rihanna’s style is.”

He seems to be doing a little exercise before entering the studio and he’s not about to shake it off. He presents this exercise as follows: “These are just good songs. So when you go to the studio to create a song, we always go there thinking, what would Rihanna do? I would always, always like to work with and write with or for. “

A humility that echoes

If he appreciates Rihanna so much  , why doesn’t Sheeran’s tracklist still contain any traces of collaboration between the two of them? This is the first question that could cross people’s minds. Ed Sheeran reassured that it will happen and even allowed himself to admit that it could have happened since. The two artists have already tried a collaboration, but it was not the right time since the air was not the right one.  Sheeran , had he put so much pressure on himself that he missed this opportunity? One thing is certain, is that he was not affected by this failure and has moved on since.

He confirmed that like any artist, this was not the first time that he was wrong and that he had lived the same with Beyoncé. “I already submitted to  Beyoncé  and she didn’t choose any of them, but then I did ‘Perfect’ and she wanted to sing on it.” , he said to evoke his humility and his height of spirit.

Ed Sheeran released his new album “=” (Equals) on October 29th. He has accustomed us to the use of symbols and we wonder after +, -, ÷ and now =, what other mathematical symbol will use the British soon. While waiting to find out, we think of her 15-year-old daughter Lyra who also was infected at the same time as her father with Covid-19.

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