Rihanna’s Assless Savage X Fenty pajama pants left the internet confused

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A new flannel pajama with cutout at the buttocks has emerged at Savage X Fenty . Rihanna took pains to try on a new style that was a little more cheeky than the everyday jumpsuits. 

Rihanna’s new creation leaves fans speechless

If we have to choose one word to describe Rihanna , that would be “  visionary  ”. She constantly dreams bigger than everyone around her and never ceases to conceive of novelty. This allowed him to expand not only his creative portfolio, but also his mind.

Over the years, the 33-year-old superstar has perfected many areas, music, makeup, film and what do we still know? In addition, there is also fashion through luxury clothing and lingerie, accessories around which she was able to set up her powerful ship.

On the other hand, after having witnessed his latest creation, some people decide to leave the ship. Indeed, a few days ago, Bad Gal Riri posted on Instagram some daring pajama pants without ass that obviously fits her. However, this creation might be a bit too much for the average Joe. Many couldn’t help but thirst for the singer’s ass, but other people are questioning the designer’s thinking.

For the info, this is not the first time that the pop star has given a provocative turn to an outfit that is worn everyday. In June, she divided fans with the release of various bare bottom as well as open-back crotchless leggings.

Ri fans’ reactions on tweeter

On Twitter, some were confused by the cutout of Rihanna’s pajamas . A surfer expresses himself: ”  I love Rihanna, but really who wears flannel pajamas without ass?  ”. Another fan adds, ”  I think I’m officially old because these pajama pants from @rihanna’s line make me shake my head and say, kids these days…  “.

”  I’m not crazy about this new take on Fenty lingerie  ,” tweeted another fan after seeing the footage. “  There’s NOTHING sexy about a plumber girl cracking up her ass . Added another. “ I’m not a huge fan of the new Savage X Fenty pajamas with the leg warmer-style cutout on the buttocks… The pajamas are too loose and the fit has a weird shape. “

In contrast, some Rihanna fans were less skeptical of the style. One Twitter user praised the pants, saying, “  Rihanna finally made a sleep set with the booty cut out so we don’t have to walk around in flannel coveralls all the time.  “

”  Rihanna created a billion dollar business empire by producing stuff like assless flannel pajama sets and I have to say I respect hell,  ” tweeted one fan of the bare-belly designs.

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