RJAE’s new single, “Show Me My Opponent”

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The artist of the label Never Broke Again, RJAE has just released his new single entitled “Show me my opponent”. 

RJAE on “Show Me My Opponent”, the recent Never Broke Again product 

Gradually, with great confidence , the rapper from YoungBoy made a name for himself. This is Rjae whose last single has been on all streaming platforms for a few hours. 

It should be noted that the label Never Broke Again is a real success in this second half of the year 2021. Whether it is the album Sincerely Kentrell of their leader NBA YoungBoy, the nomination of YB at the Grammy Awards, From the release of their other star NoCap from prison or the release of their compilation album Never Broke Again (The Compilation, Vol. 1), Never Broke Again has much to be proud of. 

Member of the label, RJAE is present on this compilation album. He was precisely featured on three of the tracks in the compilation project, released on November 19. The following week, RJAE decided to release a solo job. It was then that he released his single “Show me my opponent” on November 26th.

“Who would have thought that all it took was a little time and patience” RJAE

“Show Me My Opponent” is composed of punchy 808s on the instrumental, which combine well with the jerky but authentic flow of RJAE. With a chip on his shoulder, RJAE spits that he’s not afraid of his competition, because he thinks there is no better rap than him. What confidence!

Without hook and with two verses separated by a short bridge, RJAE takes on false currents and false hards, while talking about the impact of his education. This education that forged his determination.

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