RnB star YK Osiris gets a pair of $ 325,000 earrings

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Osiris took pleasure in exhibiting his latest chic find and at the same time check. This is an earring purchased at great expense.

YK Osiris apparently likes being attacked. The game of troll which the rapper often enjoys draws attention to him and allows him to surf the buzz especially that those who attack him are big pieces.

YK Osiris’ latest find to curb the calm

The prevailing calm does not please YK Osiris. So he created a sensation this Tuesday, November 23, 2021, by allowing himself a 6-figure whim. He presented on the web precisely on Instagram his new earrings with the comment: “325,000 on a pair of earrings”. In the photo accompanying the caption, YK let the diamond studs sparkle that command admiration. It will definitely grab the attention of financial intelligence lesson givers. The latter have recently stood out by taking on  T-Pain after the purchase of a new luxury car.
YK continued the provocation by posting the bill for curls. “On some earrings,” Osiris wrote with the laughing emoji and fingers crossed.
This news is closely followed in order to identify the main celebrities who will fall into the singer’s game.

More criticized for his appearance than for his music

The RnB singer is often targeted by his colleagues and his kindness makes him too easy prey. Last January, YK was subjected to a flurry of verbal attacks even if it meant ridiculing him. 21 Savage, Lil Yachty, Meek Mill, Hitmaka and A $ AP Ferg  are just a few of the celebrities who have accused Osiris on social media of buying a fake Gucci. While Osiris denies wearing a made-to-measure Gucci outfit, Mustard tells him: “Gucci doesn’t do that, Osiris. Take that shit off, why would you do that? “.
Osiris will end the debate without really convincing with an unfriendly comment: “You are all such stupid niggers. Made by Exclusive Game. You all know my boy. Custom jacket. You are all niggas saying all this bullshit. Gucci! Stupid little boy. ”
It will again be criticized see humiliated by  Wale  last August for his failure to #MilkCrateChallenge while he was at  Boosie Badazz .
His hair has also been mocked by still-in-the-loop 21 Savages, Drake, and many others. Attacks are therefore surely still expected. 

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