Rod Wave reassures fans after track Nirvana sparks suicide speculation

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Rod Wave usually carries all of his inner universe through his records, all of his emotion on his records, and his fans love him for that. But the tone, as well as the prose of one of his latest releases, has sparked suicide speculation from his fans. 

Over the weekend, the SoulFly frontman performed a new song called Nirvana and the lyrics left his fanbase in awe of how intimate the track was. 

“If you hear this, it’s too late / I’ve been writing this since Tuesday, today Friday, which means tomorrow is Judgment Day / I tried to fight the pain, but it devoured me alive / i’m sad to say i lost a battle, against my mind / you should be happy for me homie, no more suffering / we all have a day i guess we’ll see each other then / j ‘hope the sky is real and one day we can reunite / And don’t cry for me, I’ve had a wonderful life,’ Rod Wave sang on the track.

Fans were worried and took to social media to inquire about what was going on. The most troubling part for fans was the fact that he referred to Saturday as “doomsday” and then disappeared from social media. One fan reportedly even tweeted, “If you’re a true Rod Wave fan, take a minute and say a prayer for him. “

Rod Wave caught wind of the commotion and stepped in, to end the wind of panic had to limit the damage on his Instagram before people thought he was going to end his life. He first posted a story explaining that the song was a suicide prevention-oriented song and that he was actually happy to be working on his next album. “Sorry for da scare…. im super good… Happy asf working on my new album… .. love y’all fasho doe dat was definitely a suicide prevntion song, ” Rod wrote in his Instagram story.

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