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After the arrest of Rod Wave , new developments happened , rod wave strangled my wife ?

As foretold, the SoulFly artist will be returning to St. Petersburg, Florida, he was handcuffed and charged with a battery of strangulation. 
Tampa Bay Times deposition after his arrest was said to have strangled his ex-wife in front of their 2 children.
It was claimed that because Rod Wave thought his ex-wife was seeing other men, he entered his house on April 24 and the events took place. Rod Wave came back and picked up his ex-wife’s phone. He started to scatter the house and started throwing pictures of everything he had in the house, kicking and damaging everything. Their daughters were sleeping in their rooms, unaware of the events, and they awoke to this noise. Even though his ex-wife had scratches on her neck, she refused to be treated.
He was released on $5,000 bail after being arrested on May 2. Curious about the trial and how the judicial process will progress, rod wave awaits the court day.
It is a great misfortune that he came to the agenda with this instead of his new album Beautiful Mind, the release date of the album was postponed to June 10 and it is expected that the attention will go to this issue. This subject, which he even mentions in his lyrics, is still up to date. His new album Beautiful Mind will be with us on June 10th, if nothing else changes. Rod wave said he still loves his ex-wife, everything will become clearer on the court day.

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