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Roddy Ricch recently announced that his second album Live Life Fast is slated for release on December 17th. The project will serve as a follow-up to 2019’s number 1 album, Please Excuse Me for Being Antisocia l, which hosted their record single The Box. But in the meantime, the rapper has made a big real estate investment with the purchase of a mansion.

According to Yahoo, the 23-year-old rapper’s new home, worth $ 5.6 million, is located in Los Angeles, deep in the mountains above Beverly Hills. Built around 1960, the property has almost one hectare of land, with an enclosed driveway, a large swimming pool, a sports field and lawns. The land also includes a guesthouse that Roddy Ricch could easily turn into a gym or recording studio.

Recently renovated and extended, the main house, covering an area of ​​almost 3,500 square meters, features a contemporary design. It has two main bedrooms with spa-style bathrooms, and most rooms have accordion glass doors that open onto large patios. In addition, a new kitchen with stone worktops has been installed, as well as a media room with blackout blinds and hardwood floors. His new neighbor is rock star Eddie Van Halen, whose property is located behind trees and tall hedges.

Roddy Ricch was born and raised in California, but his lifestyle is now quite different from that of his Compton roots.

“I’ve been through a lot, ” he told Rolling Stone in 2019. “Going  through shit like flying bullets, it kinda kicks you up. It triggers something else in you. This celebrity shit is new to me. Being in rooms where you don’t have to worry about shit, I still don’t understand that side of life. I’m in a room with millionaires and billionaires and I always wonder what’s going on. Who’s at the door? ”

Speaking of the first time he was kicked out of his mother’s house, he said, “  Broadway is one long street in the middle of downtown. I walked about 20 blocks in the middle of the night. I went through different neighborhoods. On some street corners, all over the corner is covered in blood on the ground, all over the corner. Imagine going through this and thinking to yourself, “I could die, like this person died here. There are candles and signs. Sometimes that shit makes you feel crazy. Like, did I conquer death? “

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