Rohff shares an unreleased extract from his next album, Booba severely clashes it

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On December 10, Rohff will unveil the tenth album of his career. Entitled “Grand Monsieur”, this project is one of the most anticipated at the end of the year. And to keep his community patient, the rapper from Madagascar has offered an unpublished extract from his upcoming opus. A gift that made his fans happy, but that aroused the mockery of his everyday enemy, Booba .

Booba never ends with Rohff

A few hours ago, Rohff posted on social networks a short extract from his next album “Grand Monsieur”. On this sequence, we find Housni on a powerful and very rhythmic instrumental on which he distills lyrics with a sharp and dynamic flow. If this short extract delighted millions of fans of the rapper, it also aroused the reaction of his enemies, including a certain Booba.

He never misses an opportunity to attack the PDGR. Thus, following the extract published by the latter, Kopp immediately reacted showing himself not very convinced by his performance. In the story of his brand’s Instagram account, he wrote in particular  : “There are people with heart on this page (that would amaze me) HELP HIM !! “. By these words, the author of ” ULTRA” openly mocks the song of his sworn enemy.

Moreover, in his excerpt, Housni declared: “ Come and empty my lychees ”. A passage that made the Duke of Boulogne laugh . Thus, following his story, he shared captures of conversations he had with Internet users and in which they made fun of this famous verse together.

In one of these exchanges, the interpreter of ‘ ‘ Variant ” wrote in particular: “ I believe that we are on a lease with this story of lychees. And nobody knows how it is written […] In any case, this sentence causes a real problem ”. And to his interlocutor to answer: “ We know that it remains a small fruit… to which he alludes to talk about his necks… coincidence ?! ”.

In another conversation, a second Internet user declared: “Well, I admit it’s ugly . […] Housni the lychee ”. And to B20 to retort: “Litchi sur seine” accompanied by emoticons of laughter. Finally, Kopp published a photomontage of an article in the ” Parisian ” in which it is written that the PDGR was “in custody for the beating of a lychee vendor “.

Recall that the provocations of Booba have been linked since Rohff announced the release of his project. A few weeks ago, the interpreter of “Léo Messi” had even mentioned the possibility of releasing a song the same day of the release of Housni’s album, that is to say on December 10. But finally, he had to review his position since his friends Lacrim and Koba LaD also plan to unveil their project that same day.

For the time being, the rapper from 94 has not reacted to Booba’s multiple provocations. Since the deadline for ” Grand Monsieur ” is approaching, he prefers to concentrate and give his full attention to this opus. A new project with which Housni wishes to assert his status as “Taulier du rap game”, as he has had to declare on several occasions.

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