Russ wants to train as many rappers to return to real rap

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Russ must be a conservative. The rapper wants to revolutionize the music industry with his way of rapping.

There are thousands of artists who rap from the United States of America. In this universe where it is difficult to stand out, each artist tries as best he can to make his way, especially since the top names are still active. 

In this context, a rapper decided to dare by doing rap in his own way and with his own convictions. With him, there is a revolution in the American music industry that is brewing. This revolution will be carried by this artist whose image is associated with New Jersey. Russ since he belongs to the rap group Diemon and recently released an album. His album entitled Chomp 2 is a way of illustrating himself with a continuous rap highlighting the lyricists. Composed of 14 tracks, the album hosts only tracks with just an interlude separating the verses made of pure rap without chorus. 

In his recent studio appearances to promote his album, Russ expressed his urge to expand this way of rapping so that the real rapper doesn’t corrupt their music.

A revolution that seeks to instigate a vocation

In an interview with Ebro Darden for Rap Life Radio on Apple Music 1, Russ made his vision clear and the motivations behind it. He doesn’t just plan to dwell on the experimental phase that was his album Chomp 2, on which collaborative artists like Snoop Dogg , Jay Electronica, Styles P, Westside Gunn, Big Sean, Wale and Joey Bada $$, and many others must have bowed to Russ’s vision of rapping for a minute and a half. ” I’m trying to create a home for people who want to rap and go crazy, ”Russ said. “Not any of those eight bars, then bridge, no, rap for a minute and a half.” And then you rap for a minute and a half and we’ll put a little hook in between just to get us through the shit, and keep pushing. I’m trying to create this house because I know I’m a fan of this style of rap. Can you feel me? And I would like more artists who know how to rap and really go at it, to do these projects… would do a CHOMP series, because I always like to hear rappers rapping on a beat for two and a half minutes, eight songs. ‘in a row. I still like it . “

Russ, a rapper at heart

After releasing his album last Friday, Russ also found time to visit Justin Credible at Power 106 FM’s LA Leakers. There, the rapper proved again that he does not stop in terms of inspirations. He released a freestyle on the radio while being true to his 1.5-minute rap. The performance left the host speechless and in awe. He made it known on the web. ”  Russ wanted to end the year with BIG BARS,  ” captioned Justin Credible with a clip of the freestyle he shared on Instagram. ” I’m like my brother, did you just drop CHOMP 2 on their ass and have more HIGH-LEVEL RAPS?” The answer was YES! Clean nails, raps dirty! Thank you for blessing us my brother! Keep going, raise the bar! Jewels on the wall! WATCH FREESTYLE ON POWER106.COM NOW AND IN MY ORGANIC. ” 

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