RZA: “2Pac was more dangerous than B.I.G.”

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It’s one of the most frequently asked questions in the hip-hop world: Biggie or 2Pac? Wu-Tang mastermind RZA
has also recently made up his mind. He stopped by Lex Fridman’s podcast and rated the two hip-hop legends
based on their social impact. Here, 2Pac takes the leading position – RZA also explains why


RZA considers 2Pac to be “more dangerous” than Biggie

RZA first shows that 2Pac had the gift of touching people in “all emotions.” RZA names Pac songs like “Dear Mama”
or “Brenda’s Got A Baby” as an example. In addition, this emotional connection leads to something else.
The hip-hop icon, who died in 1996, was able to awaken the rebellious side in people. Those two things would
ake him overall “more dangerous” than Biggie.

2Pac (now streaming on Apple Music) was more on the Malcolm X rail. Society feared this path. The Notorious
B.I.G. RZA, on the other hand, does not locate it in the waters of the famous activist and civil rights
activist. The New York rapper did not embody the revolutionary 2Pac. “B.I.G. conveyed love, but he didn’t start revolutions.” (“B.I.G. communicated love but he wasn’t starting revolutions.”) When the host of the show summarized that Pac had been good at both conveying love and starting revolutions,
RZA nodded again. Here you can see the excerpt:

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