Saba Releases New Single “Stop That”, Reveals Release Date for Next Album

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After the release of her hit single “  Fearmonger  ”, Saba returns to the front of the music scene with heavy. Indeed, the young rapper from Chicago has just released a new track from his next album ”  Few Good Things  ”. At the same time, he took the opportunity to reveal the release date of his long-awaited album. According to the rapper’s words, the opus should be available on February 4.

The single “Stop That” already available

This Friday, November 19 was marked by the release of a new single from Saba entitled “  Stop That  ”. The Chicago rapper’s track is also currently available via the distribution platform The Orchard . Self-produced by Saba, the track includes a co-production by Daoud and the PIVOT Gang. As a reminder, “  Stop That  ” is the last song from the highly anticipated upcoming solo album “  Few Good Things  ”, which will be released on February 4, 2022.

In addition, Saba spoke on the new track “‘ Stop That “‘, and confided in these terms  : ‘I have the impression that more often than not, we leave the judgment which we carry on us- same, cause us to lose our self-confidence long before someone else even has a say in what they think we are supposed to be. ‘

 ‘Our own insecurities echo so loudly in our heads, to the point that we shrink before giving someone else a chance to tell us about it. It’s something that I feel like I’m starting to do over the years. Hiding from the uncomfortable moment. And this song allows me to notice that and to try to insert the necessary corrections’, he concludes.

A tour in sight for Saba

Saba recently announced his Back Home Tour , which will cover North America and Europe from March 2022. For this, the young protégé of Chance The Rapper will have to count on the collaboration of the rapper, and songwriter English ENNY for his UK tour. At the same time, the Dutch-Sudanese artist Gaidaa should for his part support the rapper from the South Side for his tour throughout Europe.

The North American leg will begin on April 11, 2022, and Saba will be supported by Dreamville rapper Lute and Los Angeles artist Amindi.

Recall that, Saba had also released a new single last week to the delight of his fans. The single titled Fearmonger which has filled the expectations of hip-hop lovers should therefore be part of the rapper’s third album ‘ Few Good Things ‘. Note also that the song ‘ Fearmonger ‘ starred Daoud and will serve as the main output. In addition, after the release of this single, Saba had confided to his fans in these terms:

‘As I made this record, I was starting to realize how fears really held me down. With big decisions to make, I was never sure I was doing the right thing. In fact, I was wondering if I was doing enough or not. Fear had become something that I just accepted. I no longer try to overcome it. I was often afraid of losing everything. Fear of failure. Fear of not being up to the task ‘. A totally moving message to his fans. 

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