Sarah Engels: Baby bump, pregnancy pounds & uterus Gained 13 pounds

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After little Solea saw the light of day, Sarah presents herself as a new mother in everyday life.


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Baby is here
“Our little princess Solea Liana Engels. On December 2nd, 21st we were finally allowed to take you in our arms and from now on we will never let go of you. Dad, mom and your big brother love you infinitely and are full of happiness and pride, ”wrote Sarah Engels happily one day after the birth of her second child via Instagram. In line with this, she published a photo in which you could see a hand of the musician, her husband Julian and their daughter:

Ex-husband Pietro Lombardi, with whom Sarah is raising their son Alessio, also commented on the post and explained how proud he was of the new mother of two:

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Credit: sarellax3 / Instagram

Pounds and regression
Three weeks have passed since the birth of Solea Liana, in whichSarah tookher fans behind the scenes of a new mother. Above all, however, she encouraged everyone else that the body first had to recover and that she herself had gained 13 kilograms during her pregnancy. Sarah also mentioned the fact that the uterus has to regress first and published the following photo, which was taken eight hours before and after the birth:

In keeping with her after-baby body, Engels explained via Instagram story: “I always see so much here on social media that two days after giving birth, women are already slim and slim again and no longer have a stomach. I have no idea how that is possible, but I think normality just takes a little longer. “


Credit: sarellax3 / Instagram

In conclusion, Sarah Engels said : “By the way, this is the current status. So the stomach will definitely recede. The uterus contracts, but there’s still a little bit there. “

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