Saweetie almost goes to zero

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The rapper has announced that she will be wearing a new look for 2022. And she didn’t wait until the New Year to show off her new look.

It looked like a lookalike or a picture of Saweetie’s imaginary twin sister, but it’s her. The rapper after coming under criticism for her poor public performances lately put on a better face during the launch of the Icy Chain challenge. This video in which she had twerked had left Boosie Badazz in admiration because of the singer’s surprising buttocks. Now it remains to be seen whether the singer’s new look will appeal to her fans or even Boosie.

What’s Saweetie’s new look?

Saweetie’s long hair has been replaced with a new shaved blonde head. She shared several photos from her vacation. We see her in a bikini with a juice on the side and what strikes you is her empty head. The rapper seems really proud of her new look.

 In addition to her, her hairdresser in the person of Kendall Dorsey, also shared photos of Saweetie’s new look with the simple caption ”  Version 2022  “. It is easy to understand that the singer is now determined to appear everywhere with this new daring look and which will certainly make everyone talk.

Fan reaction

As you might expect, the folks who were critical of Saweetie took the opportunity to add a bit to the artist. Some have asked why she had gone bald. A few others have even made comparisons to Amber Rose by renaming Saweetie, “Amber Sweetz”. 

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