Saweetie announces the release of a new project for January 2022

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After the many postponements of his long- awaited album  Pretty B * tch Music , Saweetie has informed his fans that a brand new project will be released for January 2022. 

Saweetie releases his new project ” Icy Season ” on January 7, 2022

The wait for Saweetie’s next project has been very long over the year. Announced for release last summer,  the singer’s debut album  Pretty B * tch Music never saw the light of day. Today, it seems that said opus is a side project, because in all likelihood, the rapper now has another priority. 

Indeed, during an interview recently granted to  Gerrick Kennedy ,  Saweetie  announced that she was going to release a pack of seven songs to make the fans wait while waiting for the album. She dubbed the project  “Icy Season”, and says it will contain many collaborations and serve as “the bitch’s bible”. The official release date is January 7, 2022.
In addition, fans will have to wait a few more months before  Pretty B * tch Music  so, but it’s nice to see that Saweetie appreciates her fans’ patience and rewards it with new music. FYI, the artist’s previous delays have been attributed to inspiration and situations with his mother and the album’s soul review. 

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