Saweetie releases new single

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Saweetie may be delaying the release of her debut project, Pretty Bitch Music, but that hasn’t stopped the 28-year-old from surprising her fans with a few new productions, including her latest single, Icy Chain.

In this less than 2 minute track, the Best Friend rapper   uses her signature Icy Chain , to brag about wearing fur at fashion week, and rocking her butt for designer diamonds:

« My hair, my money, come bundle/I spent your rent on my front (Yeah)/Bitches see me and get humble/Could take your n*gga but I don’t even want to (Hmm), » chante l’artiste sur le premier couplet du morceau.

In addition to Icy Chain Saweetie recently released a new song on the Netflix movie soundtrack starring Halle Berry, Bruised, titled Attitude . The film tells the story of an MMA fighter who, after reuniting with her son whom she gave up for adoption years ago, attempts to regain his former glory in the ring. 

Separately, addressing the reasons for the delay of Pretty Bit ch Music , her debut album, Saweetie revealed that she felt the project was ”  a soulless body of work “. Hopefully by then she manages to find the words and intensity she wants to communicate to listeners, for a global explosion. 

In the meantime listen to the song and vibrate to the sound of Icy Chain’s lyrics :

“ Fashion week left a lot of victims (Yeah)

I think I know why they’re mad at me (Hahaha)

I’m pretty, I’m in every city, but I don’t go to the club unless it’s a bag for me.

Dad, answer me, I need to know why you’re mad at me.

Because you complain, you stay in your feelings.

I’m starting to believe that you can’t stand me. ”

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