Saweetie responds to criticism of her Jingle Ball performance with twerking video

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Saweetie always so unfazed, has proven himself in the industry and this year. She has been nominated twice for the Grammy Awards and continues to appear on highly coveted stages to perform her greatest hits, including My Type and Best Friend, much to the chagrin of her detractors. Yet over the years, Saweetie’s dancing skills and performing have often caused her to face dissatisfaction, from people who feel that at this point she should be much better. 

A performance at the Jingle Ball

The iHeartRadio Jingle Ball presented by Capital One returned to Madison Square Garden in New York City on Friday, December 10. The holiday spirit was in full swing there thanks to a set of stars, including Ed Sheeran, Lil Nas X, the Jonas Brothers and many more.

Saweetie’s first performance at the Jingle Ball was one of the night’s most notable. For her very first appearance at the famous Christmas show, Saweetie performed all of her greatest hits, starting with Tap In before moving on to My Type and Icy Chain. She also made the crowd dance with her last three songs: Dipped In Ice , Icy Girl and her precious Best Friend.

Detractors criticize, rapper responds

But while the audience enjoyed his performance, many people on social media criticized Saweetie for his performance at the Jingle Ball. In a viral clip of her performance, the rapper is seen leaning forward, twerking and clicking her heels. Some people think that she is doing too much and that she needs to hire a new choreographer. Others pointed out that she had to work on controlling her voice.

In response to the controversy, Saweetie uploaded a video of herself attacking her detractors along with her own dancers.

The rapper has had to respond to these criticisms in the past, especially after her recent performance on Saturday Night Live, by saying that she is proud of what she has delivered on stage. ”  I heard that I was the best twerk in the world,” she wrote in the caption. Her fans praised her for her reaction and flooded her mentions with positive comments.

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