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For most Americans, the long weekend is just around the corner , but for Saweetie , the holidays are already here – and they’re shaping up to be hot.

Saweetie The “Best Friend” rapper took to Instagram, where she shared photos of herself on a pristine white sand beach, with crystal clear blue skies and water that has nothing to do with it. see with the dreary and cold weather that most people in the United States face at this time of year. In three of the photos, she is relaxing on a jetski while showing off her eye-catching shimmering red hair, as she lays at the water’s edge on a fourth. 

She also shared a short video of herself teasing viewers with some dancing moves on a patio overlooking the ocean. She captioned the photos ”  pretty b * tch trip” and cryptically fixed the location to “Somewhere You Not”. 

She also showed off some movement and views from her vacation spot on her IG story, including one of her driving a Jetski along a light blue canal lined with palm trees.

Even though it’s hot where Saweetie is, she’s taken the time to promote new colors of her classic Icy Chains in gold and rose gold, which are part of her Icy by Saweetie collection . Between working on some new music, running her own brand of props, and preparing for her next New Year’s Eve show, we hope she can relax and enjoy her vacation while she can.

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