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US rapper Saweetie recently guest-starred on the bootleg Kev podcast. The interview included topics such as her new EP, last year’s McDonald’s collaboration and her views on the differences between men’s and women’s music in hip-hop. On the latter, the California rapper has had a strong opinion: According to her, women are currently leading hip-hop.

Saweetie finds male rap too ‘disrespectful and violent’

According to Saweetie, the male side of the hip-hop scene was even “happier” a few years ago. It would have been more about partying and having fun than it is today, says the 29-year-old. She cites artists such as Tyga , YG , Chris Brown and Big Sean as examples . She wishes we could go back to that time and have a good time again. Unfortunately, the controversial content of the lyrics of many male rappers is currently reflected in their realities of life. 

The full episode of the podcast can be seen here:

Is there any truth to Saweetie’s statements?

The fact is: female hip-hop is more successful than ever. Stars like Megan Thee Stallion  and  Latto  dropped successful albums in 2022. Latto has provided one of the first hits of 2022 with the track “Big Energy”. The artist  Doja Cat has increased from year to year and has dropped two songs with mega hits like “Woman” and “Kiss Me More” within the last year, which have cracked the billions of streams.

And Nicki Minaj’s song “Super Freaky Girl” went through the roof in the second half of 2022, topping her first US solo chart. Newcomers like Ice Spice and GLoRilla also went viral this year. The latter could line up with Beyoncé , for example , and look forward to a Grammy nomination .

It’s similar in Germany: at the end of last year, Shirin David had the most successful opening weekend for a German musician with her album “B*tches Brauchen Rap” . Eunique made it onto the FIFA soundtrack,  Badmomzjay was recently named “Best German Act” at the MTV EMAs and  LIZ managed to draw attention to themselves with hard Frankfurt street rap like “#weistduwasichmein” with Celo & Abdi. Nina Chuba’s ” Wildberry Lillet” and Domiziana ‘s “Ohne Benzin” are two of this year’s biggest German hits by female acts.

If you look at the popular female hip-hop artists in Germany and the USA, you will notice that they rap less about violence. In general, common criticisms such as sexism and homophobia, which male rappers are often confronted with, are rarely found among female colleagues. However, if you look at the figures for male colleagues such as Drake , 21 Savage , Luciano and Co., the women (with a few exceptions) are unfortunately still a little far from the success of the men.

However, the female side of the scene is not free from controversy. In the past few months, Cardi B , among others, has feuded with City Girls’ JT , and Latto and Nicki Minaj recently engaged in a mutual Twitter drama that resulted in 120 of Latto’s songs being leaked to the internet.

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