SCH “A7” goes down in French rap history with 500,000 copies sold

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On November 13, 2015, SCH unveiled its first project entitled “A7”. A record which remains, six years later, a perfect reference for many listeners and rappers. Today reaching 500,000 copies sold, this mixtape is the threshold of the diamond disc. It will undoubtedly be the first mixtape in the history of French rap to have broken such a record.

SCH breaks record again

In the month of November 2015, the French rap game witnessed the appearance of one of the best mixtapes in history. The first SCH  project “A7” carried by tracks like “Fusil”, “A7”, “Gomorra”, and “Champs-Élysées”, is considered to be a classic by many people. This consideration is perfectly reasonable considering that the rapper’s mixtape keeps selling year after year.

More than four years ago, notably with the release of “A7”, SCH’s career quickly propelled itself to the forefront of the French rap music scene. SCH sold 12,496 during the first week and was then certified gold. In May 2016, the streaming of the project was unveiled and the total number of sales which stood at 68,858 was bolstered by 163,846 sales of equivalent streams. The latter offered double platinum certification to the project with more than 230,000 sales. In April 2020, SCH’s “A7” project sold for more than 438,579 and thus approached the first diamond record for the Marseille rapper.

However, this mixtape remained intact on double platinum even though it broke the 300,000 sales mark, due to a dispute between SCH and its former record company. Today, we can see above all why this mixtape is considered a classic. Although SCH released 4 albums behind, “A7” sells much more in length than on projects like “Anarchy” or “Jvlivs”. Anyway, SCH is on the threshold of the diamond disc with 500,000 copies sold for “A7”. With 60,000 more sales, SCH will become the first French rapper to receive diamond disc certification for a mixtape.

A very successful musical career

If SCH initially had difficulty detaching himself from the image of “A7” which stuck to his skin, he nevertheless managed to evolve , both artistically and in terms of his image. This is how he has become today one of the pillars of French rap. After having managed to build up a huge fan base, the S remains the holder of an exceptional record .

Moreover, he is the first French rapper in history to be certified platinum for his first 6 projects. It was also in a good position as the best-selling urban albums in France in 2021 with a sale of 171,081 copies for JVLIVS II. One way or another, SCH has achieved with its 500,000 copies sold, a feat that no French rapper has achieved especially with a mixtape.

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