Sean Garrett talks about his collaboration with Summer Walker on his album Still Over It

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As Summer Walker’s Still Over It continues to go down in history a bit more, Sean Garrett, one of the people who worked on this album, shares his experience with the artist.

The album Still Over It sold over 166,000 copies in the first week. Thanks to this record-breaking sale for the artist, her album topped the Billboard Hot 200 and is the first female album in more than five years to achieve this feat after Beyonce’s Lemonade. But for such success, it’s important to consider the work behind the scenes of some people like Garrett Sean. Summer did not fail to do so. “But even bigger thanks to @seangarretthepen,” Summer Walker said.

For the production of her second album, Summer Walker called on the expertise of Hit Maker Sean Garrett. The hours of working together with Summer Walker were moments that Sean Garrett agreed to talk about bluntly. 

Garrett’s revelations

He’s got an impressive calling card for working on hit titles with stars like Beyoncé, Ciara, Destiny’s Child, Janet Janet, Brandy and more. Based on his experiences, he revealed that he wanted to try a whole different approach with Summer Walker. “  If I didn’t inspect what I expected, I would have done it wrong. I was there to love, nurture and bring out the best of Summer as an artist, but also as a person.  “, He first revealed. 

Summer stronger than you think

It is obvious that the album Still Over It is a part of the history of the artist’s life LVRN. She discusses several topics such as her breakup with the father of her child London On Da Track. If at first glance, it is possible to imagine that Summer suffered from the breakup, Garrett tells us that the singer has not diminished her commitment to complete the project. He also informs us that Summer started recording her album while she was still pregnant. She therefore had to solicit memories that could cause additional stress and harmful to her and her baby. To all this is added the fragile state that pregnant women often have. All these risks did not prevent Summer from going through with her project. But it also took a keen eye to know when and how to best exploit Walker’s talent. Garrett mentioned this sometimes complicated exercise when he said: “ I had to recognize when she was feeling better and when she wasn’t, but she stayed engaged while facing a lot  ”

The three secrets of the success of this album

Not only is this album inspired by real events but the Tracklist also provides information on the recording dates or the event that inspired the song. In addition, to complete such a project aimed at transcribing the story of a life in song, Garrett admits having been helped by three qualities in Summer. It is about his patience, his commitment and his teamwork.

We push even more

The album could have not contained the song Ciara’s Prayer, last track of the project but the genius of Garrett allowed her to push Summer to seek deep inside her, the necessary inspiration for this title. Happy to see Summer meet her demands, Garrett thinks of signing up for the long term with the artist. “ We’re going to push the boundaries to make Summer the biggest star in the world,” says Garrett.  ” 

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