Shirin David’s mom reacts to “B * tches need rap”

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B * tches Need Rap “- in just over a month the time will finally come and Shirin David will drop her
much-anticipated second album. In an Instagram Q&A she answers questions about the release – and reveals,
among other things, that there is only one other feature guest besides Shindy She also reports on her mom’s
reaction to “BBR” – and it’s very different from what you might expect.

Shirin’s mom thinks the album is “philosophical and tough”

In all honesty, when you hear the title “B * tches Need Rap” you don’t necessarily think that this is an album
that you would love to play to your parents. Sure, Shirin David (now streaming on Apple Music) is known for
provocative lines and even more provocative outfits and her mother won’t have missed it either – but lines like
“Today I’m cheeky / But tomorrow he’ll get a head / Because he’s carrying my bag / We love “are not exactly
parent-friendly at first sight. And yet: Shirin David shares that her mom was actually the first to send the
album to after completion: “She was the first one I sent the album to (this Tuesday at 2am) when I finished it. She heard it straight
away and wrote to me at 3am that she thinks it’s very philosophical and tough. And my aunt said that I was
settling the accounts. ” So a reckoning – after years of being ridiculed in the rap scene because of her YouTube background, Shirin
not only gradually proves her right to exist as a rapper, but even her place at the top. Speaking of the
above: In the Q&A, she also reveals that there will only be one other feature besides Shindy and gives her
answer a crown and the hashtag # Königigsklasseonly. It is also a female feature, says Shirin. So it will
be interesting to see which female artist she will see next to her in the “premier class”.

Shindys wahres Geburtstagsgeschenk an Shirin David


Speaking of Shindy: He’s also once again a topic within the fan questions. A: e User: in wants to know
from Shirin how it came about to record a song with Shindy. A few months ago it was announced that the
two of them are on good terms again after their beef around “Affalterbach”. For the rapper’s birthday,
there was even a fat present in the form of a Louis Vuitton box from Shindy. However, she is only now
revealing that that was not all: “Do you remember when he gave me the LV box for my birthday and I posted a video in my story of how
Affalterbach ran on it because the song went online again? His real gift, however, was: I gave him
a few Weeks beforehand played my album and then as a present for my birthday, he sent me his part on
“NDA’s” as a surprise because the song was his fave from the whole album. ” So a feature part as a gift – a blatant move by Shindy. It was already clear from “Affalterbach”
that the two go together musically. How a reverse feature – Shindy on a Shirin David song – sounds like,
could still be exciting. Also exciting: “B * tches Need Rap” will be released on the same day (November 19th) as Adele’s new album.
To get number 1 seems almost impossible with such competition. However, Shirin David does not shy away
from this challenge. When asked if she is postponing the release because of that, she says: “No sis,
because rappers aren’t postponing their album for a week. It’s going to be tough for us, but it’s more
important that you finally hear the album now.” And if you don’t have a catchy tune from “Dear us” after reading the article, you can pick it up here:

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