Soso Maness sends a nice message to independent rappers

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Adored for his songs that are both dancing and uplifting, Soso Maness is also widely known and appreciated for his inspiring messages. In this period of end of the year, he wanted to address a few words to the rappers who work independently. A message full of courage and hope that we unveil to you below.

”  You have all my respect”

The world of music is known to be very competitive. To reach the level of professionalization in this environment, several sacrifices are necessary in addition to talent. Hard work, thoroughness, concentration , the list goes on and on. A recipe that has been adopted by many super music stars like Soso Maness .

Present in the rapological landscape for a few years, the rapper has met with dazzling success. A success that was not immediate, because he, like many artists, worked for many years before arriving there. Thus, he knows very well all the sacrifice to be made. And this is why the interpreter of ”  Zumba cafew  ” wanted to send a message of support to independent rappers who are working hard to one day reach the top.

In the story of his Instagram account, the rapper said: ”  I just wanted to address the rapper who works as an independent, who smashes hard every day, who invests his time and his money to try to do big things in the music, really guys you have all my respect. “. A very nice message that will certainly boost the motivation of those concerned.

Soso Maness: a journey full of pitfalls

It was in the 2000s that 12-year- old Soso Maness began his musical adventure. He sang with a friend with whom he formed the group Les sales mômes. At that time, the rapper had even recorded a song with the group Intouchable . Over the years, the interpreter of “Green Pochon   who spoke about the role of the police , continued to work on his talent until the day when he was successful. A success that came at the dawn of his 32 years thanks to his album “  Rescapé  ”, unveiled in 2019. A title which perfectly sums up his career which has been strewn with difficulties.

And it is on the strength of this experience that he adds in his message to independent rappers: “ Doubt and failure will be part of the path, but with desire, passion and determination, nothing is wrong. is impossible ”. In other words, only self-confidence will allow them to complete their various projects.

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