Soulja Boy Calls Young Dolph a Liar About Claiming to Freelance $ 100,000

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Soulja Boy is all about Young Dolph. On Dolph’s claim to earn $ 100,000 per show, Soulja Boy cries out lies and reframes the rapper in an un-Catholic fashion.

The rivalry in the American rap game isn’t just limited to clash songs. There is also the makeshift exhibition in order to show one’s height and keep rivals at bay. In this last exercise, Young Dolph and Soulja Boy seem not to get along and recently, they exchange not really tender words.

It all started when Young Dolph  bragged about making over $ 100,000 per show and being independent. “ How can a freelance artist get over 100k more for a show?  He says. As if that weren’t enough, he bragged about the wealth of his protégé Key Glock who has a handsome little fortune apparently greater than that of many others. ” How the fuck does @keyglock have more cars and freshness than you and your CEO?” “, he added.

These writings were not well appreciated by Soulja Boy who took charge of calling Dolph to order. ” That nigga crazy cause he signed a fuckin ‘record deal and his whole thing is’ I’m independent. I am independent.’ N *** did I lie? You signed with Empire, ”Soulja Boy hastened to bring Dolph back to earth. He also clearly called Dolph a liar and said it using somewhat rude expressions in a live Instagram: ” Stupid ass nigga.” What the fuck are you mad about? “

Numbers vs. Numbers

After losing his temper, Soulja Boy returns to a match on equal terms, using numbers to calm the Chicago rapper’s ardor. ” The N **** are broke like hell “, he began before sounding the death knell for this clash by inviting his protagonist to do better than him before telling it on the web: ” What what’s wrong with your broke and slutty n **** s? I made myself $ 100,000 a day, n *** a. I’m the n *** a with groups. I’m the n *** a who made $ 2-3 million in a month.  “

As with these habits, DJ Akademiks tried to revive the debate and Soulja Boy recalled in comment that there is no comparison since him Soulja, evolves entirely as an independent unlike Young Dolph who enjoys favors at Empire. “It’s a big capitalization. They signed with @empire. I am truly 100% independent with no limitations. 

This fight could continue in the days to come, especially as  Soulja Boy will no longer have to take the lead with Kanye West . Indeed, their clash following the verse of Soulja Boy judged null by Yé has already ended with a peace concluded between the two men. In his interventions, the first rapper to have composed a song on Squid Game seems very determined to do battle with Dolph. Provided that it only overflows in the studio with tracks for the enjoyment of music lovers.

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