Soulja Boy lashes out at people who expect him to be “sad” over the murder of Young Dolph

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Soulja Boy’s antics have given rise to epic controversies in pop culture. The most recent, linked to the rapper’s relationship with the coldly murdered Young Dolph earlier this week, does not leave the hip-hop community indifferent. 

Soulja Boy faces backlash since Young Dolph’s death

A few days ago, Dolph, the 36-year-old rapper, was gunned down while shopping for cookies for his mother, hours before hosting his annual turkey drive for the holidays. Dolph organized charity events in his hometown of Memphis every year, and the hip-hop community was deeply saddened by his death. 

In the meantime, Soulja has been accused of being dismissive and disrespectful of the rapper’s death and his peers questioned him about his attitude . “[Just because] a dude died I’m supposed to be sad and sh * t, like what the f * ck, n * gga?” You’re all lame niggas. You piss me off because if it had been me you would have laughed and made jokes and it wouldn’t have been a rest in peace Soulja Boy, ” he said. “I could see if you all would’ve crushed that shit.” This sort of talk has already caused Soulja to withdraw from Millennium Tour shows in St. Louis and Memphis.

Challenged by his peers, Soulja does not budge

Dolph’s protected rapper Snupe Bandz shared a conversation he had with Soulja showing that the She Make It Clap rapper wanted to end the feud he was having with Dolph and the late rapper’s team, but when this conversation went viral, Soulja doubled down on her contempt, and took to Instagram Live to defend herself.

”  You n * ggas were just telling me that I’m a b * tch and I pump you up, and you go slap me or shoot me, do this and do that!…. F * ck that! », He added . “Are you all stupid?” ! You know how it works, n * gga! ” 

Soulja remained suspicious and insisted that people would have celebrated her downfall, and addresses Snupe personally: ”  What if next time you stay out of my fucking DMs and watch your fucking mouth? . What do you say about that, n * gga… P * ssy ass n * gga.  news

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