Soulja Boy Launches Fans First To Do Challenge And Gets Surprising Responses

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While he still recently gave food to grind to Internet users after declaring to be the rapper who did what another rapper has never done, Soulja Boy returned to the charge this Sunday, December 26. This time around, the Chicago rapper decided to drain his fans into his “first to do  ” challenge , and to say the least, the answers have gone all over the place.

The new challenge of Soulja Boy

At this point, everyone already knows that rapper Soulja Boy is famous for having often said that he was the first rapper to pioneer a number of things in hip-hop. Soulja has already claimed to have invented the selfie, having the first iPhone, and the first on the scene to connect with Kim Kardashian, for example. The artist’s statements have become regular to the point where his name still makes the headlines.

Rapper ”  Crank Dat  ” took to Twitter to test his fans with a ” first to do something ” challenge  . In a Twitter post,   Soulja Boy asked his fans on Twitter what they were the first to do. “  I was the first rapper to do the same. But tell me, what were you the first to do ? He asked his followers in a tweet posted on Sunday.

The fans did not hesitate to respond to him with great enthusiasm. The latter replied to him with rather surprising answers. To answer the rapper’s question, one of the fans replied, ” I was the first person to have a girl who barks for me  .” Meanwhile, another wrote, ” First to be at an Xbox party with you, ” replied another with a photo of an Xbox 360 party cat from 2013.

Soulja Boy challenged for the first time by Freeway

Earlier this month, Soulja teamed up with Freeway and admitted that legendary rapper Roc-A-Fella had beaten him in one category: Freeway was the first rapper with a diamond in his beard. “  Soulja, you’re the first rapper to do everything else, but I’m the first rapper with a diamond in my beard,  ” Freeway said in a video posted to social media. “ I’m the first to do this, my boy . “, he added. And as you might expect, Soulja’s response was quick. “  I don’t even have a beard, ” Soulja admitted. “  Come on! He the first. You all know what’s going on, damn, we’re on set, man,  ”he hammered.

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