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Soulja Boy’s  supposed pioneering work is something like a running gag that he has been doing again and again for quite some time. The ” Crank That ” performer continually claims that he is the first rapper to do a certain thing. His portfolio as a self-proclaimed trendsetter is now being expanded with the next milestone: Soulja Boy calls himself the first rapper to have his own star in his Instagram story. He provides proof of this right away.

Soulja Boy: Star is called “Big Draco”

No, when Soulja Boy (now streaming on Apple Music ) talks about a star, he doesn’t mean the decoration at the top of his Christmas tree – even if the video in his story begins with a view of a festively decorated Christmas tree. A star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame would be a size too small for someone like him.

Soulja Boy naturally speaks of a star in space. He can now call himself the rightful owner of a self-luminous celestial body. He does not hide his pride:

” I was the first rapper with his own star! Stop it everyone, you don’t have a star in the sky named after you! “

“Big Draco” is the name of the star that bears his name. It’s a nod to his nickname. The certificate that he presents in the video also shows the coordinates of the star. This shows that his newest possession is somewhere in the middle of the constellation Monoceros – in English: unicorn.

How, where and whether he even bought the star himself, he leaves in the dark. In any case, this astronomical action ties in with his tweet a few months ago in which he asked Elon Musk to make him the first rapper in space . You can see the video from his Instagram story here:

The Twitter reactions to Soulja Boy’s star

On Twitter, Big Draco is more of a source of amusement than excitement. Many respond that they themselves have such a star, because you can get such or similar certificates for little money on the Internet.

Some also draw the obvious comparison to Lil Uzi Vert , who bought his own planet a few months ago – which is apparently the more spectacular move.

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