Soulja Boy – Squid Game [Audio]

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Soulja Boy (now streaming on Apple Music) is devoting himself to the next hyped series – “Squid Game” –
after his track “Rick & Morty”. Of course, the soundtrack of the South Korean series is also sampled in
proper style and a lot of other references to the Nextflix hit can be found in the text.


“Squid Game” increases Vans demand by 7,800 percent


The Netflix hit series “Squid Game” is still on everyone’s lips and causes a sensation on various levels:
First of all (in an indefinite order) we would have the hype about the series itself, then about the memes,
and finally about the Creator of the series, whose idea had been rejected for 10 years. Another dimension
is now added: Thanks to the upcoming Halloween festival, there is now also a hype about white vans that
complete the Squid Game costume.


Squid Game: Vans demand is increasing rapidly


A report by The Sole Supplier found that the popularity of Squid Game-inspired Halloween costumes caused
the demand for white shoes to jump 9,900 percent. The amazing thing about it: White sneakers have enjoyed
unbroken popularity for years. Such an increase through a series is therefore all the more remarkable.
In particular, the classic Vans slip-on, which has been in and out of style for decades, is very popular
with those looking for the right “Squid Game” Halloween outfit. Here the demand has increased by 7,800 percent.


Squid Game vans: Expensive fun for a costume


Since Vans are of course not just any no-name sneakers, you of course pay the price for the brand.
The white slip-on model is currently between 50 and 75 euros online and should therefore be more
expensive than many a full Halloween costume. For classic, white sneakers, the price is kept fairly fair:
If you are looking for such a sneaker model anyway, it is worth getting the “Squid Game” vans for Halloween
and beyond. Unfortunately, a full costume not only requires shoes, but also the rest of the outfit needs to
be taken care of. The demand for green jogging suits and pink overalls increased rapidly. It is not yet known whether there will be a second season of “Squid Game” – even though the series
is one of the most successful in Netflix history. You probably want to keep the tension high at the moment.
The series creator Hwang Dong-hyuk at least once teased that the second season of “Squid Game” could possibly
be about the Front Man. You can read here which star from “Squid Game” is currently becoming a hip-hop meme:


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