Soulja Boy takes his fans on a “first to” challenge: From the most serious to the most fun comments

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Earlier in December, Soulja Boy said he was the first rapper to do everything another rapper had never done. This elicited strong reactions from several of his colleagues. After this episode, he brings the subject back but this time, he takes his fans into what we would call the “first to” challenge. 

“I was the first rapper to do the same. But tell me, what were you the first to do? »Soulja Boy 

This is the tweet that the rapper to post on Sunday, December 26. His fans have indeed answered his question with great enthusiasm and a touch of madness. In any case, it is that we notice in the comments.

A fan claims to “have a girl who barks for him”. He also added to his comment a video that shows a girl on all fours like a dog and barking. Another fan said Soulja’s first tweeter from a Waffle House washroom.

However, there are also some pretty serious comments coming from famous people like Allen Forrest who wrote, “First rapper to make the Forbes Next 1000 list of the world’s best entrepreneurs. », He accompanied his publication with a photo of him with his price. 

This first-to-such-and-such thing started earlier this month. When Soulja made his statement, Freeway replied that he was the first rapper to have diamonds in his beard. “Soulja, you’re the first rapper to do everything else, but I’m the first rapper with a diamond in my beard,” he said Freeway. 

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