Soulja Boy: the new album titled “BIG DRACO 2” of the rapper is available on streaming platforms

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Soulja Boy is no longer an artist featured in American showbiz. His multitasking quality has made him one of the greatest in the musical field. Present in several fields, Soulja boy has already made an impressive reputation. With a busy year, the American producer intends to end it in style. He released a new album called “Big Draco” to the delight of his fans.

Soulja boy performs a masterclass through his new album

The Illinois rapper is arguably one of the most influential artists of this decade. With his swagg and his musical style, he is today an example to follow for several artists. Soulja Boy already has a fairly dense and diverse disco with several albums. It was in 2007 that the rapper launched the campaign to conquer the world with his first album ”  Souljaboytellem  “. While the album impressed the world in particular with his single “Crank that”, he continued the following year with a second opus. Now under his own label, he has a series of albums, including several singles that will go on forever in the Billboard Hot 100.

This Friday, with a lot of heat, the native of Chicago brings joy to his fans. The 31-year-old rapper’s new album is now in stores. Entitled “ Big Draco 2” , this project is his ninth studio album. It certainly happens to confirm the brilliant career of the American rapper. The album is a combined 12 tracks including “Kaboom” and “Bodies”. Solja records only two collaborations on this project with Feby and Jessica Dime. On the rest of the album, the rapper shows all his know-how in a field he particularly likes.

With very little announcements and communication around, the album just fell out of nowhere. The interpreter of “She make it clap” confides that he releases albums in the Beyonce way. “I drop like Beyoncé, which means, no date, no promotion and no time,  ” he said. This new opus is a continuation of his beautiful collection, but especially of his last project. As a reminder, the American artist and actor has already unveiled during this year, an album entitled “Big draco”. Alongside Bow wow, Tadoe and Omarion, the S boy has already recorded strong songs.

A very influential legend beyond music

The CEO of SODMG has also had an eventful year outside of music. Apart from his career as a rapper, the S boy still runs his label which grows over the months. He now has in his ranks, the rapper Skinnyformthe9 or Chet Hanks. Even though the Illinois producer still has a bright future ahead of him, he is already a legend. What he achieves on all levels that he embraces puts him in a good position.

 With his many commercial efforts, the rapper clearly does not have a sore pocket. The artist from Chicag o has embarked on several successful economic investments. His soap company is proof of this with an incredible 3,000% increase in sales. Soulja boy has also launched his own brand of weed “Soulja Exotics” which is doing quite well for him.

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