Soulja Boy threatens to sue Twitch for being banned: accuses platform of racism

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American rapper Soulja Boy, best known for releasing the iconic song Crank That, recently threatened to sue the Amazon-owned streaming platform after being banned “without any proof of explanation.”

Draco never hesitates to voice his grievances towards his fellow rappers, famous personalities or companies that he believes have wronged him, and this Wednesday, December 15, the rapper returned to social media today around ‘a controversy with revealing that he had been banned from the platform and demanded to contact the owner of the company.

Soulja Boy’s collaboration with Twitch began several years ago, and during his reign he had his fair share of controversial moments. On December 10th, Soulja Boy was hit with the shortest ban in history. of Twitch, which only lasted five minutes and ten seconds. But, unfortunately, the American rapper was banned again a few hours later, scoring two bans in 24 hours and remains banned to this day. It’s unclear what sparked the Twitch crackdown this time around, but Soulja isn’t happy

Soulja Boy is not happy

“Who is the CEO of Twitch and where can I find this n * gga,” the rapper tweeted. “Boycott Twitch #TwitchestRaciste”. Elsewhere he added: “I need the best lawyer money can buy dm me I have millions I want to sue twitch I feel like they’re racist.” they ban me without any explanation i can’t stand it. “

Again, no clue has been given as to what prompted the ban and why it would be associated with racism, but Soulja Boy is holding on.

Possible reasons

Some online community members think the first ban was likely due to a DMCA accidental strike on intellectual property he owned and the second ban was due to the fact that Soulja Bo are used insults while Livestream Twitch. However, from the thread of the tweets, it seems even Soulja Boy doesn’t know the exact reason for his bans.

If Soulja Boy intends to sue the group, perhaps he should take a cue from two-time champion Guy Beahm, who is currently on trial with Twitch after learning the reason for his exclusion. Hoping that things don’t go to this extreme, and that Soulja gets her account back in a few days….

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