Star chef Frank Rosin tests the Haftbefehl “Haftis” burger shop “Simply mega!”

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The successful TV chef took a close look at the burger shop of Haftbefehl and couldn’t get out of the rave about it.


Credit: Frank Hoensch & Mathis Wienand / GettyImages

New idea: Burger
First arrest warrant took apart the entire game, then he switched to the restaurant business. This headline could make the rounds in the entire German-speaking area in 2022, after all, the rapper is already counting down the days before he will inaugurate his own restaurant in Hanover. On December 17, 2021, Haftis, as the shed is to be called, will take orders for the first time and
celebrate its premiere“without the redcarpet and celebrities”.

Appropriately, the arrest warrant stated that nothing other than organic meat will be served on the lava stone grill and that he himself could be at the start at the opening.

Test dinner
While arrest warrant had taken over the doctorate himself several times in the past few days, he also invited star chef Frank Rosin to his hallowed halls. The coach of “The Taste”, juror of “Topfgeldjäger” and star of his own show “Rosins Restaurant – a star chef cleans up!” was filmed during the test dinner and couldn’t get out of the rave about it.

While the probably first Hafti burger was being crushed, the two-time Michelin boss confessed: “Mega. Where am I? With Haftis or something? You have to go here! World class, world class, world class. I want another one! “


Credit: Warrant / Instagram

Meanwhile, the rapper did not want to confirm whether there will be vegan variants in the first Hafti burger store, which was arrested. Instead, fans are still waiting for the menu and more information about Haftis.

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